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Daily Report, Apr 26

Team Collaboration

  • Quest InTrust for Exchange … Quest Software released Version 1.0 of the Quest InTrust Plug-in for Exchange, which provides detailed real-time tracking of mailbox access and activity by owners and delegated users. “ … in many organizations, employees have access to other employees’ e-mail, such as an administrative assistant who checks the e-mail of a company executive. Until today, no one has had the ability to track what the assistant was doing as a delegate to the mailbox. This new capability allows organizations to take immediate action before confidential information is compromised.” And from the product page … “The Plug-in collects and correlates all unusual user and suspicious administrator activity. For example, reporting on permission changes made to a mailbox within AD or at the local Outlook client as well as anyone using Send-As privileges. The Plug-in for Exchange offers organizations a view into administrators and users who have gained access into another users’ mailbox and provides detailed information about that activity such as emails read, deleted, copied, moved, forwarded, etc., and permission changes made to folders.” Wow, kewl! Quest


  • BlackBerry 8830 World Edition … RIM and Verizon rolled out the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, which provides voice and data access in 60 countries. “The new device features seamless international roaming from EVDO to GSM/GPRS networks, as well as integration with BlackBerry Internet service and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which provides access to corporate data securely.” Available May 14. ComputerWorld, RIM


  • Share Ideas Broadly … Rather than holding onto your ideas, communicate them broadly so they can improve with feedback, additional perspectives, and accountability from others. Behance
  • 14 Time Saving Tips … Three themes for saving time, with sub-points under each: (1) find your focus with less distractions (do one thing until it is finished, minimize interruptions, prioritize, curb useless information addiction, and don’t always be on), (2) be more effective by doing less (being busy isn’t the same as being effective, write down ideas, know the opportunity cost of your actions, say no), and (3) use technology efficiently. EngTech
  • Matt on Time/Design … Matt attended a recent Time/Design certification course, and shares his notes, learnings and take-aways. I use many of the ideas, especially time blocking. Matt’s Idea Blog

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