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Daily Report, Apr 13

Team Collaboration

  • Colligo Case Study … Neat case study from Colligo about how AAXICO, one of their customers, is using Colligo’s tools for taking SharePoint offline. Offline SharePoint
  • ProjectSpaces 4.0 … Forum One released Version 4.0 of ProjectSpaces, its online team collaboration service. New features: shared documents, commenting on items, document library improvements, and RSS feeds, among others. Available immediately. Forum One
  • Octopz Cometh … Octopz, a new online collaboration service, will be announced at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco next week. “Octopz runs in its own browser window and uses Adobe flash to mix a whiteboard space with live text, voice and video chat. The workspace has an area to upload and share files with other group members. Each uploaded file gets its own folder, which houses any edits made by group members.Octopz, with analysis at Webware


  • Take Questions Before 15 Minutes is Up … David advocates asking for audience feedback and questions within 15 minutes of starting a presentation. “By asking for immediate response, you can ensure that you are both relevant and that you are bringing your audience along in your chain of reasoning. If you wait until you have given 4 or 5 steps in your reasoning, you could suddenly get a question about your first point and have to retrace all your steps – you’ll be scrambling to catch up.” It’s the different between “speaking” and “educating”, according to David. David Maister
  • Choose the Work That’s Right for You … Helpful analysis from Pamela on choosing the right job for you. “As much as you want to make yourself feel good about a situation that is not right for you, it will feel awkward, uncomfortable and downright painful after awhile. So stop pretending … and get to work defining the kind of work best suited to you. If you already know that, start planning to make that vision a reality.Escape from Cubicle Nation
  • 10 Steps to More Creativity … Jeffrey outlines 10 ways to increase your creativity: (1) listen to Bach, (2) brainstorm, (3) carry a small notebook everywhere to capture thoughts, (4) be more restrictive, (5) define your problem, (6) change your environment temporarily, (7) don’t watch TV, (8) don’t do drugs, (9) read a lot, and (10) argue more. JPB

Other Stuff

  • Apple’s new Leopard Delayed Until October … So what? I’ll wait … and just buy it then … no big deal. Apparently the iPhone is the cause; Apple had to divert engineering resources from Leopard to the iPhone., ComputerWorld

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