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Daily Report, Apr 11

Team Collaboration

  • Content Moves … released Salesforce Content, a content collaboration add-on service to its hosted customer relationship management offering. “ officials said the new service can help users share Microsoft Word documents, HTML pages, e-mails, and audio and video files easily through the enterprise.” It includes Apex Content (for document and file management) and ContextExchange (for publishing, tagging and sharing content with others). ComputerWorld. The new offering is based on technology acquired with the recent Koral acquisition (see Zoli’s Blog for an overview of the Koral technology).
  • FileWorks Online … FileWorks announced FileWorks Online, a hosted service for data storage and online document management. “The heart of FileWorks Online is a secure, central file storage system that unifies data files online, eliminating the risk of losing sensitive paper or laptop data. Individual folders can be designated as private or shared for collaboration. FileWorks Online provides secure access from any Web browser, enabling users to retrieve their files and send or receive faxes from hotels, Internet cafes, and Web kiosks.” Pricing starts at $29.95 per month. tmcnet
  • Collanos in the US … Collanos Software opened a San Francisco office, and formally launched its peer-to-peer cross-platform team collaboration offering in the United States. Collanos
  • Honeywell Goes Connectbeam … Honeywell announced that it is using a Connectbeam social networking / tagging application for collaboration. “ … this application is inside our firewall and will allow our engineers to perform knowledge discovery, research and sharing across the miles … even if they don’t know each other! ConnectBeam works in tandem with our internal Google search appliance. Over the next few weeks we will conduct our final tests before rolling out our application later this Spring.eContent
  • Foldera Public Preview … Foldera released the Public Preview of its Activity Folders hosted messaging and collaboration service, with a revised user interface and new features. The general release is due later in 2007. BusinessWire


  • Palm Going Linux … Matthew discusses recent disclosures from Palm management about plans for a Linux-based Palm device by the end of 2007. “This new Palm Linux OS will apparently use Opera as a browser and ChatterMail (they hired the developer a few months ago) as the email client and will only be developed for Palm hardware. It looks like we will never see an ALP device from Palm now.ZDNet


  • Avoid Internet Temptation … Mark gives six ideas for preventing yourself from being hijacked by interesting things on the Internet and staying focused on your work: (1) use a news reader, (2) stay focused on why you have to browse right now, (3) don’t interrupt work with browsing, (4) go somewhere that doesn’t have Internet, (5) don’t open your Web browser the first thing in the morning, and (6) be careful of your home page. Productivity501
  • Management Effectiveness … Attunity released the results of its recent survey on senior management effectiveness at work. It “sought to better understand how senior managers view their workplace, daily workload and whether their daily activities were effective in driving the overall competitiveness and growth of their company. The survey sampled the senior management of 200 U.S. and 200 U.K. commercial corporations with over 500 employees.” Key findings: 50% of managers complain they have insufficient time to focus on key issues and priorities, they spend too much time collating and massaging data vs. acting on it, and they can’t get accurate, complete and reliable information. An unstated undercurrent is that Attunity has the technology to solve all these problems! Attunity
  • Big Rocks First … Good reminder from Leo that we should put the “big rocks” (critical projects, main priorities) into our schedules for the week first. Then we’re more likely to get them done. Zen Habits

Other Stuff

  • Happy Birthday Jason … Jason Womack is 35 today (April 10 in the US). Congrats! Hope the day went neat Jason. Jason Womack

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