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Daily Report, Mar 2

Team Collaboration

  • Why Collaborate? … Chris reflects on collaboration as a business extender, and writes the sorts of things I’ve been thinking about. Way cool. Chris Brogan
  • FaceTime IMAuditor 8.5 … FaceTime released Version 8.5 of IMAuditor, with new compliance discovery options. “With IMAuditor 8.5, companies can more easily and cost-effectively adhere to compliance requirements through multi-level auditing, role-based administration, and enhanced controls for electronically stored information. By partnering with major storage archiving as well as email compliance vendors, the FaceTime solution offers a significant cost savings through consolidation of logging, archiving and auditing using a single platform.” It includes new role-based administration capabilities for limiting access to certain records by reviewers. FaceTime
  • Wengo Meeting … Wengo released the beta of Wengo Meeting, a free multi-person video conferencing solution for up to 5 users. Works for Mac and Windows. No screen sharing at this time, but the team are looking for feedback on what to add next. Wengo Meeting, plus Wengo Blog
  • RC0 of Microsoft Knowledge Network … Microsoft released an early version of its Knowledge Network add-on for SharePoint 2007. KN Team Blog


  • DataViz for Motorola Devices … DataViz released a new version of RoadSync, its Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync client for wireless email, for the latest Motorola devices. “Based on the Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol licensed from Microsoft, RoadSync for Java, provides secure, wireless and direct synchronization of corporate e-mail with the ability to send, receive, delete and reply to messages while on the go.” Available immediately. DataViz
  • Sybase iAnywhere … Sybase iAnywhere added mobile instant messaging and presence capabilities to its Information Anywhere suite. It supports both corporate (IBM Sametime, Jabber XCP, Microsoft LCS, etc.) and public (XMPP-based only) IM networks, and a variety of devices. Available 2Q2007. iAnywhere, with coverage at SearchMobileComputing


  • Overcoming Procrastination … Jim shares seven ways to beat procrastination: (1) do the worst task first, (2) break it down, (3) use a friend, (4) do the pleasant part of the task, (5) do it for 15 minutes, (6) track progress toward your goal, and (7) tie successful completion to a reward. Channel Advisor News
  • Stop Long Meetings … Susan details how to use meeting time effectively. A good reminder of good practice. Productivity Cafe

Other Stuff

  • Consultant Thinking … Yet another gem from Chris, this time reflections on consultants. He leaves with reflections on the critical skill of consultants. Chris Brogan
  • Money vs. Happiness … Wow, can I relate to this! Although money is tight after my recent employment decision, I haven’t felt more alive and “real” in a long time. Positive Sharing
  • Mac for SMB … “In many ways, Mac OS X is an ideal platform for small businesses and offices. It is easy to install and set up, often requires little technical support to maintain, and remains free of many of the virus and malware problems that plague Windows PCs. All of this should be appealing for a business with anywhere from a handful to a few dozen employees that cannot afford full-time IT staff.ComputerWorld

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