I've Joined the Revolution …, Oct 31

… the Logitech MX Revolution, that is.

Wow, it’s nice! The first reaction I had after installing and charging it was that it feels like it is floating on my desk (my Apple Bluetooth mouse was running a bit heavy for my liking). It runs so smoothly. I love it.

It offers an impressive list of features that confer benefits on demanding users:

  • Scrolling that senses whether you want to go fast through a document, or slow through a list.
  • Quick shifting between applications or documents. Just a flick of the ol’ thumb and you’re done.
  • One-touch search … and you get to choose your search engine.
  • Rechargeable battery, along with a visual indicator on the mouse of battery level.
  • Precision control and movement via the laser engine.

The CD-ROM in the retail packaging only includes the drivers for Windows variants (mutants?), so a quick visit up to the Logitech web site and after a 12 MB download, I had the Logitech Control Center for Mac OS X. Installation went flawlessly, although I hate having to reboot my machine after installing new software. Grrr.

Note that due to its molded shape, if you want a mouse that will work with either hand, this isn’t the one for you.

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