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Notes on "Social Bookmarking: Theory into Practice", Aug 23

Paul Reynolds from McGovern and Associates (who blogs at 57LittleHigh) spoke directly after lunch about Social Bookmarking: Theory into Practice.

The place to start with collaboration is with 2 people. Then build out to 3, then to 4, then to 5.

What is Web 2.0? Paul referred to the definition at Wikipedia on Web 2.0. Is concerned with the “ill-defined” statement, because there is lots of meat on the bone. Shows one of the tag clouds about Web 2.0 with lots of words.

Paul showed, and talked about how a self-referring group will start collaborating by magic, but because the tools are there. Flickr … just loves Flickr, even though it’s just “photo sharing”. Paul spoke about the example of trying to find photos about the new museum in Paris. A day after it opened, Paul was able to find 155 photos of the interior of the museum. Able to send a photo directly to a blog.

Tag clouds are a really neat development. Technorati uses tags as a way to measure the pulse of the Internet … how can you map and visualize the wisdom of groups? Tags don’t force a certain set of keywords on people; they can make them up.

Tags clouds allow us to segway into mashups. Paul says a mashup is when you “take one set of data and mash it up with another set of data, and then visualize it”. Wants the ability to take a document from Government, and then drill down into the underlying data on which the paper is based. Paul describes The Programmable Web as a “key find of the last month”.

The Web 2.0 revolution means that people have power and access to say what they want.

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