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Notes on "Intranet as Dead Tree Replacements vs. Intranets as Living Entities within Your Organization" (August 2006, New Zealand)

(caught in mid-word; thanks to Julian for being photographer)

About an hour after I finished giving my presentation, I had separate emails from Chris and Jon saying “Where’s the notes from that other presenter?” How cool is that! My response was “hey guys, it’s a bit hard to write about your own stuff when you’re giving the presentation”.

The good news is that I have the slide deck and an audio recording to share. Here you are …

Here’s my annotated notes:

0m30s … Black and red are the colors of the Canterbury rugby team. I gave the conference chair a Canterbury Crusaders T-shirt.

1m00s … slide 2

2m30s … this presentation is about the ideas I explored at Shared Spaces, rather than being about Foldera and Foldera’s products.

3m15s … slides 3-5, three key things to focus on during the session.

3m40s … slide 6, “A Bit about Michael” … and asking a bit about those in the audience.

5m10s … slides 8-9 … “Business is crazy, Information workers are overwhelmed” … key business trends. quote is on slide 9

7m16s … slide 10 … three trends affecting information workers.

8m11s … slides 11-12 … email as habitat, intranet as library

9m32s … slide 13 … email sucks for collaboration, intranets can do much more

10m20s … slide 14

10m38s … slide 15-18 … technology hasn’t kept pace, collaboration as co-labouring

11m30s … slides 18-25 … the seven things you have to put into your intranet to make it a collaborative environment. The background documents on the seven pillars are available at Shared Spaces. There’s a slide on each pillar. On calendaring (slide 22), I raved about TimeBridge.

22m10s … slides 26-27 … I use a number of 2.0 products today

22m45s … slide 28 … what is Enterprise 2.0?

27m15s … slide 29 … “How to Ruin Your Business with Enterprise 2.0”

29m20s … slide 30 … “Are wikis and blogs enough?”

30m40s … slide 31 … “Socialtext Wiki @ DrKW”.

32m17s … slides 32-33 … “Enterprise Social Bookmarking” … along with an exploration of its applicability in a small business (“the long tail is irrelevant if the body is drawn and quartered!”)

34m06s … slide 34 … “Enterprise 2.0 Products Aren’t Proven”. Perhaps Web 2.0 merely brings enterprise-y capabilities to consumers.

35m00s … slide 35 … you have to use RSS and make it available.

36m00s … slide 36 … the decision criteria when evaluating architecture, eg, vendor viability, lifecycle costs

37m42s … slide 37 … final words on Enterprise 2.0 (green fields vs. concrete pad vs. slush n slop). Half way through the datashow put up on the screen saying “Please replace the LAMP”. I had a bit of fun with that.

39m04s … slide 39 … talking about Mike Gotta’s awesome article Collaborative Choreography & The Future Of Work

39m51s … slide 40 … the questions that Mike asks about collaboration in a business.

40m48s … slide 41 … build the capability to collaborate, with a reference to Covey’s “being productive” (P) vs. “building the capability to be more productive in the years ahead” (PC)

42m08s … “Please replace the LAMP” covered up some of the quote! Spending face time with people changes the profile of trust (and I share a story about how I’m finding that)

43m29s … slides 43-46, build a collaborative habitat at your place

44m45 … slides 47-49 … keep in touch, discussion, wrap-up. I had a neat time conversing with the group. Thanks for the opportunity.

ENDS 49m15s

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