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Mobility Report, Jun 15

We, the people, are no longer tied to our desks to get our work done. We have to go and visit the people we do business with and for. We enjoy getting away from the office and catching up with friends at Starbucks or some other coffee-oriented establishment. We have family responsibilities that see us taking children to sports events during the day. And we have friends that are mobile too, and we want to keep in contact with them. Monday’s Mobility Report focuses on the tools, the technologies, and the services that enable us to be people that fully communicate while being constantly mobile. Enjoy.

Exchange Patch Disrupts Mobility
A recent patch for Exchange 2000 and 2003 may disrupt BlackBerry, GoodLink and other mobile messaging services. The patch modifies a permissions setting that reduces the chance of message spoofing.

Source: SearchExchange

Microsoft Haiku PC Under Development
Microsoft is working on a mini-Tablet PC concept, codenamed Haiku, in addition to the Origami series of devices. Target pricing is $500, for a device about the size of a paperback book. The intention is to offer a full PC experience.

Source: ComputerWorld, MobileCrunch

Good Wins Over RIM
Good Technology discussed some of the RIM customers that are switching from RIM to Good, and the reasons behind the migrations. Factors include (a) the availability of more “cool” (or “hot”) devices that run GoodLink, (b) single vendor dependence, and (c) the recent patent infringement woes.

Broadlane’s switch somewhat mirrors another recent jump, this one by Allen Boone Humphries Robinson, a Houston-based law firm. Debbie Cole, the firm’s IT liaison, said in our story Law firm picks Palm Treos over BlackBerry ‘pancakes’ that BlackBerrys were simply too big for their team of users, prompting many to refer to them as “pancakes.” The firm initiated a rigorous testing phase during which 40 users pored over every single feature of numerous devices, including Palm Treos and BlackBerrys. Treos with GoodLink won out, Cole said, not only because of the pancake factor but also because of usability.

Source: SearchMobileComputing
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SMS vs. Mobile Email
SearchMobileComputing picks up on the recent research from Kathryn Weldon at Current Analysis, and looks at the SMS vs. mobile email opportunity. Key differences:

  • SMS is available on almost every cell phone; mobile email isn’t
  • SMS messages are limited to 160 characters (although some devices can string multiple SMS messages into a single message); mobile email has no sizing limitations
  • SMS is cheaper than mobile email
  • SMS is tied to wireless devices; mobile email transcends devices
  • SMS can be used for notifications and alerts in conjunction with business applications

Source: SearchMobileComputing

Motorola White Paper on Enterprise Mobility
Motorola released a white paper entitled “Building a Secure Foundation for Enterprise Mobility”.

Whether an enterprise focuses on a specific wireless application or a broad-based personal/local/metro/WAN infrastructure, the goal is seamless mobility. This white paper examines the vision for seamless enterprise mobility and how wireless security vulnerabilities threaten productivity. There is no single solution for meeting all wireless communications needs in today’s enterprise environment. This paper looks at the unique challenges to wireless network security (i.e., the proliferation of devices, inadequate user education, converging networks, unauthorized access and theft of data), and what you need to know to get the best solution to fit your needs.

Source: Bitpipe

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