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Tuesday's Team Collaboration Report, May 30

We, the people, have to work with others to get stuff done. Often these people are not in the same physical space as us, and they may also work in a different time space. Team collaboration software and services helps us work across these distances of space and time.

CorasWorks Online Showroom
CorasWorks launched an online Application Showroom that demonstrates live business applications from CorasWorks that run on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Visitors can try out the applications for themselves. Four applications are offered … (1) a program management office for centrally managing project work, (2) a Sales Portal, (3) a Customer Portal, and (4) a Partner Portal. The latter three includes integration with Windows Workflow Foundation, Forms Server, and more.

CorasWorks’ Showroom for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 complements its existing online Showroom which offers organizations hands-on access to a broad set of business applications built using CorasWorks’ modular software on the SharePoint 2003 platform. Access to both Showrooms is free and available by visiting CorasWorks’ Web site: Both are also designed to simulate real-world situations and allow visitors to learn more about the modular application software CorasWorks offers organizations interested in quickly building integrated business applications without requiring custom programming.

Available immediately.

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AtTask @task 4
AtTask released Version 4 of @task, a project management solution that connects project teams, applications and systems through the enterprise. Works with multiple databases and multiple desktop operating systems.

@task 4 is also a pluggable solution, allowing organizations to be up and running in a matter of days rather than months. In addition, organizations can use @task’s Java-based APIs to integrate other software tools into the project management environment and share business-critical information between the applications. Project managers can also integrate suppliers’ and partners’ applications and data repositories into @task to help improve collaboration, processes and response times beyond the internal team.

New features:

  • New tabbed navigation interface
  • Users can filter and sort lists within a browser
  • New functionality for working with complex and inter-dependent tasks
  • Improved tracking and reporting functions

Available immediately for installation behind the firewall, or as a hosted service.

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Tacit Software preparing Illumio
Tacit Software is preparing a consumer-oriented service that encompasses its collaboration auto-discovery technology. The forthcoming service, called Illumio, enables people to seek out others who have expert knowledge on topics they are interested in. A local software client tracks what people are an expert in (by indexing local user content). When an Illumio user wants to know something, the system finds the most appropriate person.

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Thinking About Email
Jerry reflects on the power of and problems with email, its stickability, and the new generation of workers for whom instant messaging and social networking services are the way to get things done.

The millions of dollars corporations have spent on knowledge management systems, specialized collaboration tools, file-sharing systems, groupware solutions, workflow applications and other once-hot tech categories have all too often been wasted. People balk at using separate KM applications. They end up attaching PowerPoints to emails and whipping them around the corporate network. (Then they end up helplessly searching said network for the latest version or a specific slide. So it goes.)

And in a recent academic study, the authors found that:

… people correctly interpret the emotions of others over e-mail only about half of the time, although they think that they have made the correct inference almost 9 times out of 10.


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