Principles of Profiling Expertise

Understanding expertise and its profiling touches on the core of knowledge management, a topic which has been in and out of vogue for a couple of decades. There are some new and emerging approaches in the field that provide possibilities for finally addressing the challenges of knowledge management. A Silverside white paper.

Cognitive Meetings with Ricoh and IBM

Meetings consume a significant portion of the modern worker’s “schedule space” and perhaps more worryingly an even greater proportion of their “mental space.” In his book from last millennium (both literally and figuratively), Peter Drucker wrote that an executive should be worried if more than 25% of his […]

The Power of Outsiders

A recent Art of Manliness podcast Doing More With Less, with guest Scott Sonenshein, talked about the difference between chasing and stretching. It’s a good discussion, with some great ideas throughout the 43 minutes. I’ve listened to it three times. At 20m55s into the podcast, there’s an insightful […]

When Death Rushes Up

This is not a good way to greet the morning. Some words of tribute from afar … When death rushes up, We meet it as we are. For some it comes swiftly, from the metal of a car. For others the knife wounds, from the assailant himself. For […]

No Laptop Onboard. Now What?

Almost a decade ago I wrote about my mobile office using an iPAQ 212 and foldable Bluetooth keyboard. With new requirements out of the US (and now the UK) around no laptops on board under specific conditions, if you still need to get work done while enroute or […]

Laptops in Checked-In Luggage

It’s a common question: Can I pack my laptop in checked-in luggage? The general consensus is “no.” To wit: There’s nothing saying you can’t, however, I definitely wouldn’t pack my laptop in my checked luggage (especially if it was a decently nice or really nice one). Have you […]