Category: Re-Imagining Effective Work

Digital Transformation at Air New Zealand

One of my favourite examples of digital transformation is Air New Zealand. It’s a favourite because I get to fly Air New Zealand regularly to locations around the world, and so experience first-hand (some of) the innovations they have introduced. Those innovations include: – check-in machines in the […]

Unconventional Meetings

In Jeffrey Baumgartner’s newsletter last year, he wrote about unconventional meetings. I happened to read the article again today, and it has some great ideas for re-imagining effective work: Most likely, you have a process of booking meeting rooms (at least if yours is a larger company), sitting […]

Re-Imagining Effective Work

I presented the opening keynote last week in Sydney at the Intranets 2015 conference. My talk was on Re-Imagining Effective Work (slides above). The presentation advocates the need for thinking beyond the immediate impacts of new technology on work practices, to the deeper and more long running impacts […]

Intranets 2015: It’s Almost Show Time

I have but 10 hours left in the office before boarding a couple of planes (not simultaneously, mind you) and heading to Sydney for the Intranets 2015 conference hosted by Step Two Designs. The conference is on Wednesday and Thursday next week (May 20-21), with a post-conference workshop […]