Category: Re-Imagining Effective Work

Digital Transformation at ASB Bank

I don’t bank with ASB Bank in New Zealand, and neither of the two banks I do business with offer this capability, but I was thinking about (okay, passionately arguing to myself about) one of the digital transformations introduced to the customer experience by ASB Bank while I […]

Digital Transformation at Air New Zealand

One of my favourite examples of digital transformation is Air New Zealand. It’s a favourite because I get to fly Air New Zealand regularly to locations around the world, and so experience first-hand (some of) the innovations they have introduced. Those innovations include: – check-in machines in the […]

Unconventional Meetings

In Jeffrey Baumgartner’s newsletter last year, he wrote about unconventional meetings. I happened to read the article again today, and it has some great ideas for re-imagining effective work: Most likely, you have a process of booking meeting rooms (at least if yours is a larger company), sitting […]