Category: Conference Notes

From the Labs with David Coleman

Left-to-right: Dennis, Irene, Chad, Robert, and David David Coleman, the Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies moderated a panel entitled From the Labs, with some vendors showing what is new and interesting from various vendor research labs. Bob McCandless, BrightCom – Goals for telepresence … want to be indistinguishable […]

Notes on "Vendor Spotlight on IBM and Microsoft"

From left-to-right … Akiba, Paul, Mike, Peter, Rob and Ken Panelists IBM: – Ken Bisconti, VP Messaging and Collaboration – Akiba Saeedi, Program Director, UCC Microsoft: – Rob Curry, Director, Office Business Platform Group – Paul Haverstock, Program Management Architect Moderated by Peter O’Kelly and Mike Gotta from […]

Notes from "90% People, 10% Technology"

Left to right: Jessica Lipnack, Bill Ives, Jeffrey Stamps, Tom Witkin, Dan Somers, and Milton Chen (on video screen from San Diego) The second session of my day is the 90% People, 10% Technology moderated panel with Jessica Lipnack from NetAge, Inc.. In 1995, Jessica and Jeff started […]

On the Demo Floor with Ray Kolke from Etelos

Etelos is a provider of on-demand, open-source Web 2.0 application server platform. They also provide a Web 2.0 super mall. The first part of the equation means that they provide a platform for building Web 2.0 applications, which can then be posted to the Etelos online store. They […]