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(December 7, 2011) Here’s the clickable links for all of the printed links in the book. I hope you find this useful. If you find any errors, please let me know. Thanks!

Martin White, www.intranetfocus.com
Matt Kesner, www.fenwick.com
Jim Hays, www.aspiregroup.com
Susan Hanley, www.susanhanley.com

Andy Carusone, www.lowes.com
Thomas Duff, www.duffbert.com
Stuart McIntyre, www.collaborationmatters.com

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Michael’s Clients

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Chapter 1

Odds of Dying
Not quite a desert island scenario…
Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger?
The Economics of Collaboration at Cisco
Statistics on Telecommuting
Canary Wharf leads the flexi revolution
Organisations struggle to maximise the benefits of collaboration

Chapter 2

Huddle, www.huddle.net

Jive, www.jivesoftware.com

Recommind Decisiv Categorization, www.recommind.com
Concept Searching Concept Classifier, www.conceptsearching.com

Collaboration Success Edges Closer
The Seven Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity: The Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Analysis
Seven Pillars Framework
Saplo Match
Socialtext 360

NewsGator Social Sites
Identifying the Genuine Expert: Three Stages of Expertise Surfacing
Classification Module
Wie Bayer MaterialScience Web 2.0 lebt (and the English Translation)
Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems
Lotus Connections Update from Lowe’s Companies – “Valuable”
Real Story Group

Chapter 3

My Starbucks Idea
Proctor & Gamble

Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger?
The Economics of Collaboration at Cisco
Aberdeen, www.aberdeen.com
PleaseReview, The Business Case for PleaseReview
Want to be my friend at work?
Continental Airlines Turns to SharePoint to Avoid Flight Delays
Improved Visual Collaboration with eBeam — both Face-to-Face and Remote

Roundtable in action, Microsoft Unified Communications [Parody Devil Wears Prada]
Polycom CX5000
June 1995 Boeing press release
July 2011 Cisco press release about Minter Ellison
P&Gs New Innovation Model
SharePoint in Plain English
The Man Who Should Have Used Lotus Connections
Benefit of Virtual Teams – the BP Experience
The Collaborative Web in Action
Messaging Server Market Trends, 2010-2013

Chapter 4

Linda Dunkel, Collaboration: harnessing the power to engage people, solve problems, and manange change in business
Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0: Work-Meets-Play or the Future of Business?
SharePoint for Business (research report)
Tom Peters, The Pursuit of Wow! Every Person’s Guide to Topsy-Turvy Times
Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, Virtual Teams (book)
Nicholas Bates, Reasons the Team Isn’t Performing to its Best
R. Todd Stephens, Collaboration Success or Failure
John Ward and Elizabeth Daniel, Benefits Management (book)

Steve Kozlowski and Daniel Ilgren, Enhancing the Effectiveness of Work Groups and Teams
Nick Milton, The Lessons Learned Handbook (book)
Lessons Learned Survey Results

Chapter 5

Lotus Roadmap: Enhancing Business Collaboration with Lotus Software
Share2010 Session: Mike Rawson from DB Breweries on “The Art of SharePoint”
SharePoint Governance for Collaboration: Site Creation Rights
Site Closure Policy for SharePoint results might possibly go here
Seamless Teamwork (Michael’s book from 2008)

Chapter 6

Building the Web 2.0 enterprise: McKinsey global survey results

Chapter 7

Six Steps to Drive Social Software Adoption
User Adoption Strategies
OPen Text/Global360 SharePOint survey from Fall 2011

Six Steps to Drive Social Software Adoption
NewsGator’s white paper on user adoption (PDF)
UC View article on user adoption
A Change Will Do You Good: Lessons from Change Management for SharePoint Solution Architects
How Four Rookie CEOs Handled the Great Recession
Michael’s blog post on Molson Coors
Explaining Sharing and Communities Inside the Enterpries
Benefit of Virtual Teams – the BP Experience

Chapter 9

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Appendix 1

Share2010 Keynote by John Michael Simpson
Star Alliance Collaboration
Competition Plus Collaboration Equals Innovation
Intranet Focus
Using Technology to Improve Workforce Collaboration
Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Create Unity, and Reap Big Results
HP washing its hands of webOS: discontinues tablets, Pre phones

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