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Here’s a sampling of what other people are saying about Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365 (2016):

Reading books by Michael are always a great pleasure because of his cross-platform experience and ability to simplify complex topics due to his real world experience and writing technique. Microsoft has out done themselves once again by creating another mind boggling, hair pulling out, overwhelming solution by combining technologies to create Office 365. Michael’s approach in this book of explaining Office 365 and practical real life scenarios on how to use it are to the point and natural. The Core Opportunities chapters are shared in a way that keep you thinking, reading, and wanting more.
Michael Lotter, Collaboration Solution Architect, CFA Institute

I’m glad to see this book from Michael. Michael has a way of seeing the business productivity layer through the marketing, the technology, and the feature descriptions. Office 365 is about affecting business, and this book provides the map between the capabilities of Office 365 and the real benefits to the business.
Owen Allen, Office 365 Technology Specialist, Microsoft

How do you maximise the return on your investment in Office 365? Michael gives practical advice on leveraging the features of Office 365 to improve productivity. His practical advice is backed by research and real-world end-user experiences to help answer the big question. This book is a must read for anyone interested in office productivity and collaboration.
Steve Knutson, Managing Director, Stratos Technology Partners

Michael again manages to provide a source of inspiration to increase productivity within organisations by using modern technology like Office 365. This new book explains the functional capabilities of Office 365, and also talks about the behavioural aspects that are needed to really benefit from it. The comprehensive ‘Opportunities Approach’ fits right into Michael’s view on adoption of productivity software using real-to-life scenarios, a strategy described in his book ‘User Adoption Strategies.’ When the information and experience in these two books are combined, organisations have a powerful approach to de-mystify the crucial step between the investment in Office 365 and reaching the promised ROI for the business.
Robert Alders, Adoption & Change Management Specialist at Microsoft Services, The Netherlands

I got a lot of value from the book, particularly in terms of understanding how the newer aspects of the Office solution, Delve and Graph, fit in to the picture. As ever, Michael is fiercely independent in his approach, and is willing to discuss the issues and hurdles, as well as the benefits of the Office 365 solution, plus a number of “wouldn’t it be cool if” suggestions for future development. I also really appreciated the focus on the behavioural aspects of each use case, as well as the performance improvements that might result from correct deployment and adoption. Summing up, I believe that this is a guide that is much needed for those considering deploying Office 365 across their organisation.
Stuart McIntyre, Fostering Community, United Kingdom
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I have been reading Michael Sampson’s new book “Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365” for a day now, and I will make this easy for you: if you are dealing with Office 365 in any capacity, whether as a competitor, as a future or current Microsoft customer, as a business user or IT professional, then buy this book immediately.
Volker Weber, Germany
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