What Others Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of what other people are saying about Doing Business with IBM Connections (2013):

The very broad scope, the authority and clarity of the writing and the way in which the book is structured and illustrated are all exemplary. Probably the highest praise I can give this book is that it is very readable, and that is superb achievement for a book about a complex and powerful software application. This book is without doubt the definitive guide to getting the best from IBM Connections and is likely to retain that status for many years.Martin White, Intranet Focus

The book is well worth reading and is full of smart ideas and practical examples on how you can make your employees and organization in total more productive, more engaged and more competitive. I will come back with a more detailed review of the book in a later blog post – it takes a while to digest all the good stuff.” Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen, IBM Norway

If you are going to embark on a social busines journey using IBM Connections this is a MUST read! In fact, if you are embarking on a social business journey with any kind of social software this book will give you guidance on a practical approach for improving business processes through collaboration scenarios.” Sasja Beerendonk, e-office

After going through the book, I must say that this is going to be a recurring recommendation to all current and prospective customers. The book is intended for collaboration strategists, line of business managers and users of IBM Connections. I think the book hits the mark and is perfect for that intended audience.” Luis Benitez, IBM