Doing Business with IBM Connections 4.5

Doing Business with IBM Connections is a unique book that explores how people can use IBM Connections to do business. It is written to help business managers and information workers grasp the possibilities in using IBM Connections to improve a variety of collaboration scenarios, such as how people work on documents together, how they manage meetings, and how they find expertise. The book examines ten common collaboration scenarios.

Title: Doing Business with IBM Connections: Opportunities for Improving Processes, Driving Results, and Achieving Great Outcomes with IBM Connections 4.5
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: The Michael Sampson Company (May 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9-780473-246327
Availability: for immediate shipment
Price: US$49 per copy, including postage

Table of Contents
Foreword – by Jeff Schick (IBM Corporation)
Chapter 1. Overview of IBM Connections 4.5
Chapter 2. Collaboration Scenarios
Chapter 3. Co-Authoring Documents
Chapter 4. Managing Meetings (PDF, 58 pages, 4.3MB)
Chapter 5. Holding Discussions
Chapter 6. Setting Up Your Profile
Chapter 7. Distributing Team and Organizational Updates
Chapter 8. Capturing Ideas for Innovation
Chapter 9. Running a Project
Chapter 10. Sharing Learning and Best Practice
Chapter 11. Making Decisions
Chapter 12. Finding Expertise
Chapter 13. Achieving Individual Coherence
Chapter 14. A Million and One
Chapter 15. End Notes and Next Steps