Take a Strategic Approach to the Use of Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 is an expansive bundle of productivity software and collaboration services, made available to customers as a cloud-based service. The wide scope of what’s offered within Office 365 calls for clear business thinking on identifying opportunities, envisioning success, and driving effective use.

Explore the resources below for guidance on taking a strategic approach to the use of Office 365.

Taking a Strategic Approach to the Use of Office 365 – Overview Presentation (August 2016)
Change Management for Digital Transformation – Keynote (August 2016)
Distributing Team and Organisational Updates with Office 365: An Advanced Opportunity (August 2016)
Driving Effective Use of Office 365 – Slides from the Workshop (August 2016)
Re-Imagining Productive Work with Microsoft Office 365 (May 2016)

Your Situation
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