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A sampling of what other people are saying about SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration …

The writing is concise and opinionated. Michael writes from a position of authority on the subject based on having implemented SharePoint applications, and this book is full of insights that only an experienced practitioner is in a position to offer …. Above all it provides a framework for IT and business stakeholders to get around a table, talk the same language, and work out how to get the best out of the application.” Martin White, Intranet Focus

Michael has done a huge amount of thinking about SharePoint, and it shows. This is one of the most insightful resources of SharePoint published to date, and it’s unique in it’s business focus. This volume doesn’t get caught up in the technology, although it is informed by it. Instead, it looks at issues of governance, planning, purpose and engagement.” James Robertson, Step Two Designs

If you have every read my blog before, you will know that I constantly harp on about strategy and governance, on aligning tools to business needs and requirements and other themes that Micahel covers in his book, and as such you would probably expect me to recommend it, but I would go a lot further and say that for a whole class of non-business savvy SharePoint geeks this is a must have, a reference volume to refer to so that they can constantly remind themselves they are not implementing SharePoint simply in order to improve Microsofts shareholder dividends. And that is probably the biggest difference from Michaels previous Seamless Teamwork, which is firmly aimed at the user community.” Jed Cawthorne, Canada

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration, Michael Sampson’s latest publication, offers clear and succinct advice to ensure you avoid these all-too-common pitfalls and deliver a SharePoint implementation that is a real success, in real business terms. As Michael himself asserts, ‘The point isn’t to have a nice shiny SharePoint implementation; the point is doing business better.'” Lynn Warneke, Australia

The book is very readable despite being full of rich content covering some complex areas. For the last couple weeks I read a chapter every few days. Then today I completed the second half of the book in one sitting. It flows very well. I have been a member of IT project teams for over 10 years, and in project management roles on such projects for over 5 of those years. The insights in Michael’s book resonate closely with my experience. The ideas Michael explores are equally applicable across a much broader range of IT projects. Not just collaboration projects generally, or SharePoint projects specifically. I encourage Michael to explore this further in his future writing.” Gavin Knight, New Zealand

I rarely read books that have product names in the title. However, SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration by Michael Sampson is an exception. Michael approaches SharePoint the right way. From the top down. I mean that his main interest is collaboration. This means people and how they work together. He then talks about SharePoint in that context. This is a book that can and should be read by business, communication and IT managers in any organization considering or currently implementing SharePoint.” Jane McConnell, NetJMC