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Here’s a sampling of what other people are saying about Seamless Teamwork (2008) …

You’ll learn about the capabilities of SharePoint and the lessons learned from collaborative implementations gone well and those that didn’t go so well. I think Michael has created a practical and unbiased guide to showing how to take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to enhance collaboration, fuel team productivity, and improve business processes.” Eric Mack, ICA

Seamless Teamwork is a timely and useful resource for information workers who want to understand how to use Microsoft SharePoint in order to foster effective collaboration. The book explains key SharePoint concepts and tools, along with complementary offerings from Microsoft (e.g., Outlook, OneNote, and Groove) and other software vendors (e.g., Colligo).” Peter O’Kelly, Microsoft Consulting Services

I recommend this book if you are a project/program manager or a team member of an organisation who has a SharePoint deployment and want to understand the context of how and when to use SharePoint to help form a team and work towards achieving an outcome. Michael’s way of writing brings home some very common scenarios that typical projects go through and outlines how SharePoint can actually help facilitate the process. It’s purely from a perspective of using the out of the box functional aspects of SharePoint and has some practical examples of how to achieve what you want without having to rely on IT or developers.” Chandima Kulathilake, Knowledge Cue

Seamless Teamwork is a refreshing approach to SharePoint and how to use it effectively. This book is not for IT Professionals or Developers, rather this book is for anyone who has to work with people through SharePoint (for example: project managers, program managers, business managers, team members, information workers, end users). Need help with finding a team, creating a shared vision and knowing your options within SharePoint, then Seamless Teamwork is worth a read.” Kanwal Khipple, SharePointBuzz

“Having had a few days to dip in and out of the book, I just wanted to say that I think it is incredibly well written. As someone who cares about language and how it is used – and who has always aspired to write well – I can say that it is a joy to read. It is comprehensible without being dumbed down, and it has excellent narrative flow – there have been many passages where I have been caught up in the story of the people and the issues and the software, where I’ve completely lost the sense that I am reading a technical treatise that is designed to teach me something. It’s a very difficult trick to achieve, but you’ve somehow managed to turn what could have been a very dry tome into a book that (for us geeks, anyway) is rewarding to read simply for the pleasure of learning.” Kent Duston

I’m really excited about this book – not because I’m using SharePoint to collaborate right now, but because I like the way Michael uses a story and weaves a combination of practical SharePoint how-to’s with some useful concepts around collaboration theory and process. Read this book improve how you collaborate with SharePoint now, but even as SharePoint evolves or if you start using another platform you’ll still have some useful concept to use.” James Dellow, Chieftech

And that’s where Michael’s excellent new book comes in: Seamless Teamwork. Michael can write, he can structure, he can explain and he has brilliant examples. Read this book and you’ll understand how you can use a technology to get better creativity and teamwork. A great book, sorely needed by many of us who think shared calendars and e-mail are as good as it gets.” Nicholas Bate

Team-based collaboration is now a key part of project delivery in many organisations. Despite this, success can be hit-and-miss, with some teams prospering and others not. Tools such as SharePoint are spreading rapidly through organisations. While these can bring significant new capabilities, they are not simple tools, and can often be daunting for project teams. Teams may also not have the necessary people and planning skills to fully benefit from collaborative approaches. This book addresses both these issues in a unique way.” James Robertson, Step Two Designs

… what is usually missing in function set instruction is the context for the End User and Information Worker… not “how” would I use this thing called SharePoint but “why” would I use it, what can it do for me? I think Seamless Teamwork is a good step towards filling that gap.” Mark Miller, EndUserSharePoint

I find “Seamless Teamwork” to be very well written, easy to follow and overall a very usable introduction to anyone who is using SharePoint out of the box and wants to set up SharePoint sites for projects, team collaboration and meetings. It helps you navigate the complex environment of SharePoint, to find the essential features and how to set up SharePoint sites for team collaboration.” Oscar Berg

I found the book an easy read and could relate the advice and recommendations to my every day project work. I think everyone will learn something from the book, I certainly did. Even better is the price, its about the cost of let me think, minutes worth of consulting, yet give this to key evangelists within the business and rewards will be great. This is especially true for most organisations where the business leaders aren’t savvy enough to make best use of the IT they are provided. If you are running a SharePoint implementation and would like better adoption then give this book to key people, read its message and use the techniques in your self help implementation.” Stu Downes

… in terms of framing the use of a software package within the context of a real world scenario, few have done it this well …. If you’re ramping up a SharePoint environment in your organization and need material to help the business get a handle on why they need yet another piece of technology, Seamless Teamwork should be required reading. The business users will thank you because they’ll “get it” when it comes to using SharePoint, and the IT area will thank you because they won’t have to spend as much time “selling” the business benefits.” Thomas Duff

Michael’s clear and succinct overview addresses a very real need, and is enhanced with simple examples that are easily grasped by business users, no matter how rudimentary or even nonexistent their understanding of metadata. The penultimate chapter, “Concluding the Project”, also contains useful advice which, in my experience, has rarely been considered to date by companies implementing SharePoint, let alone implemented successfully. As a result, business benefit from project work may not be fully realised.” Lynn Warneke

A longer review may appear elsewhere but for now, let me say it’s pretty nifty and I’ve already recommended it to some people who are using Sharepoint for team collaboration. If you’re new to managing virtual teams but not using Sharepoint then it’s still worth a look.” Matt Moore

Even while going deep into the capabilities of SharePoint, the book and recommendations are very readable and easy to follow. Beyond even the amazing capabilities of SharePoint, the author discusses considerations for virtual teams, working offline, and how to convince teams to work on SharePoint instead of falling back on e-mail. I have been using SharePoint heavily for the last year and still got some great ideas on ways I could use SharePoint to better manage ongoing projects. This book is HIGHLY recommended for anyone that uses SharePoint to collaborate on projects.” Sean Earp (on Amazon)

Michael’s emphasis on team collaboration shines through in his recent book titled, “Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways.” From personal conversations, I knew that Michael was working on this book and I’ve been anticipating it for some time – in spite of its emphasis on a competitive product to my Company. Over the holidays, while in the local Southern California mountains with my family – in between snowmans with the children and whisky shots with the adults, I devoured the book – below is my analysis and review.” Isaac Garcia, Central Desktop

Here’s a book review of my friend Michael Sampson’s book about Microsoft Sharepoint called Seamless Teamwork. If you want to skip the video, my answer was: if you’ve gotta do something with SharePoint, this is the book for you. Lots of extras beyond the software install to explore.” Chris Brogan

I have just finished reading a book that quite frankly I wish we gave out en-mass to all customers who purchased SharePoint. The book, “Seamless Teamwork – Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways,” is just the prescription for those looking for a practical business use focused, eminently practical approach to using SharePoint to help you and your team get your jobs done.” Michael Gannotti, Microsoft

I think you’ve nailed it with the whole approach to the book, it really puts the use of SharePoint as a tool in context. What, when and why rather than just a how! You’d probably struggle if that was the only SharePoint book you had and/or you hadn’t done any training, but that is not the point of this book. If anything at times there is too much prescriptive HOW where there could be a little more general discussion and options, but depending on the reader that may or may not matter. Key thing is that SharePoint is a tool that business need to learn to use, not IT departments and this book is the first I’ve seen to answer that need.” Mark Orange, Intergen New Zealand

Michael Sampson’s Seamless Teamwork is a very practical guide for the project manager or collaboration leader looking to employ SharePoint 2007. The book takes a unique, “outside-in” approach that doesn’t just go through SharePoint functionality feature by feature, but instead shows you how to use the platform from the perspective of key operational needs, like joint document editing and idea vetting. Before you settle on SharePoint as a teamwork platform, you should do your research, but if you decide to go with SharePoint, be sure to pick up a copy of this handy book.” Tony Byrne, CMS Watch

… the book describes mainly the information management and team coordination of a project. Most topics are described step by step and with many screenshots. The speech is generally understandable and easy to read. Besides reading the book from first page until last page, you can use the book as a reference, if you have questions about a specific topic. If you look for a book about Sharepoint for beginners I can recommended it.” Rolf Kremer

I thought this book was great! It is very readable and user friendly, and lays out the details of setting up a project. Very impressed, and I’m currently running a project based on the methods in the book. It could use a little more in certain area’s but the two online chapters go more into that and the author has also been extremely helpful.” Mike Mitchell (on Amazon)

I would like to thank you for writing such a good book, frankly it should be a text book for Universities. I also want to thank for not taking the history of SharePoint blah blah… approach that I see in a lot of these books about SharePoint. You broke it down to what it is, a tool, and how to use it. Your insight into project management was also an added bonus.” Roger (by email)