Work with Me

The purpose of my work is facilitating impact for teams and organisations from new approaches to work. I provide the clear business thinking on effectively embracing new approaches, with a specific focus on how innovations in information technology can be leveraged to transform work processes, organisational structures and cultures, and business models.

I work with business leaders, line-of-business managers, and project teams who are pursuing impact.

In light of the above, here’s how I can help you:

1. Get the Free Material
Read the articles on my blog, aligned with my key themes.
Download and read longer market surveys and research reports.
Watch the video or review the slides of recent keynote speeches.
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2. Buy my Books
I have written seven books for facilitating impact from new approaches to work over the past decade. These have been written to deliver clear business thinking to teams and organisations. Michael’s Books.

3. Arrange a Workshop for Your Firm
One of the core approaches in my work is to write books that deliver clear business thinking for facilitating impact from new approaches to work, and to then run workshops based on those books. The workshops provide a forum for joint learning among your staff, for in-depth exploration of a topic directly related to your work, and give a rapid boost to shortcut your planning activities. Workshops.

4. Engage Me for Consulting Services
Consulting engagements focus on current and critical concerns for clients, across three strands: Exploring Opportunities, Planning Success, and Achieving Impact. Consulting Services.

5. Schedule a Keynote Presentation for a Conference
I give keynote presentations at conferences around the world, offering clear business thinking on facilitating impact from new approaches to work. Keynotes.

6. For Vendors and IT Services Organisations
The focus of my work is to facilitate impact for teams and organisations. As many consulting firms around the world have experienced, scheduling me to present a public workshop is a great way for building their business – bringing clients and prospects together for a day of learning, exploration, and sharing of experiences. Public Workshops.