It Takes More Than Good Tools to Be Successful with Collaboration

Achieving business success with new collaboration tools requires much more than merely acquiring the tools, implementing them, and hoping for the best. There is a set of business and human disciplines that need to be embraced in order to achieve success.

Key Contributions
In helping organisations around the world to be successful with collaboration tools and collaborative approaches to work, my contributions have included:

1. Framing the roadmap to success as:
Really Understand the Technology
Outline the Vision
Accept That Technology is a Small Factor in Success
Determine Your Governance Approarch
Make Every Effort to Engage the Business
Apply Intentional Energy to Adoption
Pursue Increasing Value

See my book, Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology—Now What? for a whole lot more. Collaboration Roadmap is the natural successor to my earlier book, SharePoint Roadmap, which contextualised the roadmap to success for organisations using Microsoft SharePoint.

2. Presenting the Roadmap to Success with Collaboration Tools Workshop to delegates around the world, to explore key concepts, share best practices, and stimulate discussion.

3. Presenting on developing a strategic approach to Microsoft Office 365. The presentation talked about aligning the use of Office 365 with higher-level organisational objectives, and gave two ways of exploring this alignment (top-down, and bottom-up).

4. Researching the current market state with IBM Connections (in 4Q 2014), looking at the in-market challenges organisations are dealing with when using IBM Connections. Key issues to work on: encouraging people to use IBM Connections in their work, understanding the business value of IBM Connections, and securing executive support.

Client Projects
I have been able to work with some pretty cool clients on this topic. For example, I advised a financial services firm in the United States on its governance, business engagement, and adoption approaches for a new SharePoint-based intranet. For a veterinary services organisation in New Zealand, I carried out the research interviews with the vets and other professional staff to understand opportunities from a new intranet and collaboration platform. And for a project management firm in New Zealand, I advised on how to approach business engagement and user adoption for a new suite of collaboration tools from IBM, including Connections, Sametime, and FileNet.

Your Situation
What’s your challenge? Are you:
– Evaluating how to achieve success with collaboration tools in your organisation?
– Contemplating a guidance-free release of new tools, without business engagement?
– Wanting to make the best use of new collaboration tools within a defined vision, but don’t know where to start?

Let’s talk.