Opportunities to Improve Work with Office 365


Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based uber-productivity and collaboration service. It’s the place where new innovations are introduced to the market, before they are incorporated into on-premises offerings (if at all). It’s an incredibly diverse offering, promising many possibilities.

Start your journey with Office 365 by evaluating what’s on offer.

Re-Imagining Productive Work with Office 365 – the Book
An ebook that explores eight core opportunities for using Office 365 to improve performance – providing clear guidance on how to think about Office 365, and how to mix the technical capabilities with essential behavioural approaches and business strategies.
– Embracing Hands-Off IT
– Storing and Sharing Files
– Profiling Employee Expertise
– Co-Authoring Documents
– Managing Meetings
– Holding Discussions
– Running Team Projects
– Thinking Productively

Advanced opportunities are explored in reports:
Distributing Team and Organisational Updates (August 2016)

Arrange the Workshop for your Firm (two days in duration)
Host the Public Workshop for Clients and Prospects (one day public workshop)