Develop Collaborative Competencies in People, Managers, and Leaders

Since collaboration is fundamentally a human behaviour, it is a behavioural competency that can be developed. My work in this theme seeks to understand these underlying behaviours, and how they can be cultivated within organisational life.

Key Contributions
While there remains much to do on developing the capabilities of people to collaborate, key contributions to date include:

1. Presenting on Cultivating Collaborative Behaviour, with an emphasis on calling out key collaborative practices (using the PRACTICE framework from my book Collaboration Roadmap), and ways of making these collaborative practices come to life for individuals, teams and groups, managers, and executives.

2. Presenting on the Social Factors in Collaboration, particularly how the way people behave impacts on adoption of new ways of working together.

3. Presenting on Collaboration: Something Old, Something Bold, Something Cold. The presentation sounds a warning on pushing the concept of collaboration too far, that collaboration isn’t a silver bullet, that culture constrains collaboration, and that personality impacts collaboration (with a focus on extroverts vs introverts, although clearly it’s a much bigger issue than just this.)

4. Writing an appendix in Collaboration Roadmap on the underlying theory of collaboration. The appendix explores ideas such as the three P’s of collaboration (practice, process, and potential), different types of collaboration, and the various downsides of collaboration.

Your Situation
What’s your approach to developing the competency of people, managers, and leaders to collaborate? I’d love to hear your story.

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