Develop your Thought Leadership

If you have spent even a few moments on this web site, you will notice a wealth of thinking that I have externalised to equip and enable other people to do better in their work. Several thousand blog posts. Quite a few books. A decade of keynotes and conference presentations. And more.

This approach to getting ideas out there is usually called “thought leadership.” A core tenet that has guided my own work is to try to be incredibly helpful to others, and of course, it helps that the written word is my friend. And a drive to understand, (re)think, and convey ideas as clearly as possible.

Developing Your Thought Leadership
If you want to develop your thought leadership, I can help. I have already written thought leadership materials under my own name, and have already worked with many organisations around the world to develop their thought leadership contributions – across white papers, research reports, books and even conference presentations. While my name has often not been on those contributions, my fingerprints are all over them.

Let’s Work Together
How can I help you develop your thought leadership contributions? Let’s talk it out … make a plan … and get going.