Reviewing Current Health and Performance


What’s happening with new approaches to work at your firm? What’s working? What’s not? And most importantly, what do you need to do to fix the problem?

Reviewing Current Health and Performance provides the independent insight and direction you need to focus on the right things going forward. Engage Michael to review the current health and performance of your plans, strategies, adoption framework, and use of tools in order to gain independent and actionable advice on what needs to change.

This consulting engagement involves the following activities:
– Interviews with responsible individuals and teams about the intended purpose.
– Hands-on review and analysis of what is currently happening.
– Discussions with users about their business requirements and current experiences, and the gap between the two.
– For reviews focused on products, a review of the vendor’s strategy and whether the product has a future.
– Review of current research on how to get the best value from collaboration, adoption, and the use of specific tools.

The Review is a ten (10) day consulting engagement, and can be delivered by Michael anywhere in the world. It is offered on a fixed price basis, including travel and accommodation.

Requesting a review of current health and performance can focus on a range of areas, including:
Collaboration Strategy Review. Does your collaboration strategy make business sense for your firm?
Adoption Framework Review. Achieving value from new ways of working requires strong adoption. What’s happening? What’s not?
SharePoint Review. Microsoft recently talked about the future of SharePoint. What’s your future with SharePoint?
Office 365 Review. Office 365 is the new kid on the block, and many firms are flocking to it. What makes sense for your firm?
IBM Connections Review. Are you getting value from your investment in IBM Connections? What needs to change to do so?
Intranet Review. Is your intranet delivering business value and impact? What needs to change to ensure it does?
Proposal from Vendor. Does the proposal from your IT vendor stand up to scrutiny? Secure a review to help in your planning and negotiations.

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