Explore the Opportunity

In your firm, at this time, what’s the near-term and future opportunity from embracing changing conditions to do better by rethinking work practices, organisational design, cultural principles and business models? What impact could you create across your firm?

Michael will lead a discovery process for exploring and envisioning the opportunity at your firm.

This advisory engagement involves the following activities:

  • Scoping and discovery of your situation, through interviews with senior leaders, discussions across the organisation, and document review.
  • Analysis of leading practices in other firms that could apply to your organisation.
  • Interviews, small group discussions, and workshops with teams on current ways of working, contributions, and opportunities for change.
  • Discussions with executives, service line managers, divisional managers, and other leaders about change drivers and the business context.
  • Facilitation of a group workshop to report back on key findings and identified opportunities, and to develop a roadmap for the way forward.

Other firms have benefitted from working with Michael to explore the opportunity to increase impact, including:

  • Food Manufacturer (Australia). Conducted a series of interviews with senior managers to discover opportunities to use new collaboration tools and approaches across the firm. Presented a summary workshop to a representative group of managers and employees, and facilitated a roadmap planning activity.
  • University (New Zealand). Interviewed multiple academics to better understand their working styles and what they might need from a new SharePoint 2013-based intranet. Provided direction to the intranet project team focusing on the best opportunities available for working with the academics.
  • Professional Services Organisation (New Zealand). Engaged with lead business managers and end users for discovery of business requirements for a new intranet and collaboration platform.

Let’s Work Together
What’s the impact opportunity for your firm from embracing changing conditions to do better? Let’s find out.