Craft Your Strategy

With a clear picture of the opportunity in view, how do you get there? What’s the pathway from here to there? Clarity on the destination enables thoughtful analysis of how to plan the journey.

Michael will advise on the process of crafting a strategy and the associated decision making, along with the behavioural competencies, cultural principles, technical capabilities, and organisational constructs to support and enable.

This advisory engagement involves the following activities:

  • Discussions with senior leaders, decision makers, and business managers on how the firm works.
  • Interviews, discussions, and facilitated workshops to understand the culture of the firm, and how people currently work together.
  • Review of the technical capabilities currently on offer within the firm, and direction on what makes most sense going forward for the firm from a vendor/product perspective.
  • Facilitation of a group workshop on organisational constructs to support and enable the introduction of new ways of working together.
  • Facilitation of a group workshop on behavioural competencies and cultural tenets required to embrace new ways of working together.

Michael has helped other firms with crafting their strategy for transformation, including:

  • Religious Organisation (Canada). Facilitation of a strategic review meeting for the messaging and collaboration tools used by a global religious organisation. Presented on the future of collaboration, facilitated discussions on IBM, Microsoft, and Google, and provided advice to leadership on next steps.
  • Financial Services Firm (London). Held a series of discussions around the firm’s current strategy and approach to the use of and adoption profile of SharePoint and Lync in Office 365, as well as the ramifications of adding Yammer into the mix. Engaged with the firm’s communications team to discuss integrating collaboration spaces into the new intranet.
  • Government Agency (Australia). Review and critique of the agency’s adoption approach for IBM Connections, along with presentations to senior executives (on their role in the success of IBM Connections), all staff, and small groups on the possibilities and opportunities of IBM Connections in day-to-day work.

Let’s Work Together
What’s your strategy for embracing changing conditions to create transformation? Let’s get onto it.