Developing an Adoption Strategy


Achieving impact from the envisioned opportunity requires people who can work in new ways, aligned with the crafted strategy and based on the right professional and organisational competencies, capabilities, and constructs.

Michael will advise on driving transformation and achieving impact across your firm.

This consulting engagement involves the following activities:
– Scoping and discovery of your situation, through document review, interviews, and discussions.
– Learning workshop on User Adoption Strategies, to develop a common vocabulary for adoption.
– Facilitated workshop to develop an adoption framework and set of strategies for driving transformation and achieving impact.
– Allocation of roles and responsibilities to internal people for specific strategies.

The Developing an Adoption Strategy engagement is a five (5) day consulting engagement, and can be delivered by Michael anywhere in the world. It is offered on a fixed price basis, including travel and accommodation.

Other firms have benefitted from developing an adoption strategy, including:
Religious Organisation (United States). Presented a workshop on user adoption strategies for new collaboration tools, and facilitated discussions on applying the strategies within the context of the organisation’s work around the world.
University (Netherlands). Presented a workshop on user adoption strategies for IBM Sametime, the unified communications platform selected by the university. Explored strategies the project team could use to encourage adoption, and brainstormed how to be effective with various strategies.
Legal Services Firm (United States). Reviewed the delivery approach for classroom training, and provided input for improving the effectiveness of future sessions. Developed a User Adoption Approach for the firm’s new SharePoint 2013-based intranet.

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