Evaluating the Roadmap for Lotus Notes

Published: January 2010

This report analyzes the go-forward strategic role of Lotus Notes and other Lotus software within client organizations, and argues for a much broader definition of the term “roadmap”.

Lotus Notes has been around for a long time. Since its release in 1989 it has always been viewed as a “different” piece of technology, loved by some people and reviled by others. It takes a different approach to information management and collaboration tasks, it looks different from the standard Microsoft offering which many people view as being “authoritatively correct”, and it offers capability for being used so broadly across an organization that it can be put to use on many tasks, including tasks that it is not well-suited for.

So what do we do with Lotus Notes, and by implication, the other products from Lotus Software? Is there still life left in Lotus? Is it time to move to “greener pastures”? Are the new offerings from other vendors better suited to the information management and collaboration tasks that organizations are using Lotus Notes for? These are the questions addressed in this report.

Table of Contents
The report is 16-pages in length. The report contents includes:

Strategic Context
Five Myths About Lotus Notes
– Lotus Notes is 20 Years Old, So Get Rid of It
– IBM is Not Committed to Lotus Notes
– IBM Lacks a Roadmap for Lotus Notes
– SharePoint Will “Solve All Your Problems”
– Notes Sucks, and It’s All IBM’s Fault
Where a Technical Roadmap Fails: Driving Business Success
Your Business Roadmap with Lotus
Conclusions and Next Actions

This report is for CIOs, IT Business Analysts and IT Organizations charged with examining the future of Lotus Notes and other Lotus software within their organizations.

Download Lotus Roadmap: Enhancing Business Collaboration with Lotus Software (January 2010) (PDF, 16 pages, 0.4 MB)