ISV Opportunities with SharePoint 2007

Published: February 2008

This White Paper outlines the opportunities for ISVs to build add-on products and services to enhance the team collaboration capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

It builds on our The 7 Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity: The Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Analysis white paper (February 2008).

This ideas paper came about as a result of our recent CIO and IT Organization-facing research into the efficacy of SharePoint to support team collaboration. While working on that research, we developed a set of ideas as to where SharePoint needs to get better in order to meet the needs of collaborative teams. This paper documents all of those.

This paper is for Microsoft ISVs wanting to develop for-fee add-on products for Microsoft SharePoint 2007. The paper also offers strategic direction to Microsoft Product Groups.

Download SharePoint 2007 Fails the 7 Pillars Framework: Marketplace Opportunities for ISVs; Next Actions for Microsoft (February 2008) (PDF, 24 pages, 0.3 MB)