Roadmap to Success with Collaboration Tools

The Roadmap to Success with Collaboration Tools Public Workshop is a one-day event that gives you an opportunity to step aside from the busyness of your day-to-day work, and meet with 15-25 other people from your city who are interested in making collaboration work. During the course of our day together, I work through the Collaboration Roadmap material, and you will have many opportunities to discuss, debate and localize what you are hearing through conversations with myself and the other attendees. Given that people from multiple firms attend each seminar, you get to hear what other people are doing too.

The public workshop is based on Michael’s book, Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology — Now What? (2011).

The agenda for the public workshop is:
0900 … Opening Comments and Introductions
0930 … Setting the Scene
1000 … Technology for Collaboration
1100 … Morning Break
1120 … The Vision of Collaboration
1140 … The Road to Success
1200 … Governing Collaboration
1300 … Lunch
1400 … Business Engagement
1445 … User Adoption Strategies
1530 … Afternoon Break
1550 … The Pursuit of Value
1620 … Open Discussion
1650 … Closing Comments
1700 … End of Seminar

The public workshop has been presented before in:
– Norway (May 2014)
– London (September 2013)
– London (June 2013)
– London (March 2012)

Host the Public Workshop
For details on hosting the public workshop for your clients and prospects, along with costs and timeframe, please contact Michael.