User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools

The User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools Public Workshop provides a forum for learning and engagement about encouraging user adoption for new collaboration tools. Over the course of one day, you learn about the main ideas in the book, plus have an opportunity to discuss, debate and localize what you are hearing with the other attendees. The aim is to have multiple firms represented at each public seminar, to maximize cross-fertilization of ideas. If you’re an intranet manager, knowledge manager, IT decision maker or in any way already involved in or planning to be involved in using new collaboration tools inside your organization then you would benefit greatly from this public seminar.

The public workshop is based on Michael’s book, User Adoption Strategies 2nd Ed. (2012).

The agenda for the public workshop is:
0900 … Opening Comments
0930 … Context and Models
1030 … Morning Break
1100 … Winning Attention (Stage 1) – Group Learning
1200 … Cultivating Basic Concepts (Stage 2)
1230 … Lunch
1330 … Enlivening Applicability (Stage 3) – Group Learning
1430 … Making It Real (Stage 4)
1500 … Afternoon Break
1530 … Measuring User Adoption
1615 … Your User Adoption Approach
1650 … Closing Comments

After completing this public workshop, participants will be able to:
– Apply new approaches to adoption within their organisations
– Use a common vocabulary when exploring possible adoption strategies
– Troubleshoot adoption problems by reference to the wider context

The public workshop has been presented before in:
– Rotterdam (June 2015)
– Enschede (June 2015)
– Sydney with the Intranets2015 Conference (May 2015)
– Rotterdam (October 2014)
– Deventer (October 2014)
– Sydney (May 2014)
– Switzerland (May 2014)
– Norway (May 2014)
– Copenhagen (October 2013)
– Melbourne, Australia (August 2013)
– Sydney, Australia (August 2013)
– Brisbane, Australia (August 2013)
– Gouda, Netherlands (June 2013)
– London (October 2012)
– Atlanta with the Share2012 Conference (April 2012)
– Sydney with the Share2011 Conference (November 2011)
– Sydney with the Intranets2011 Conference (May 2011)
– London (October 2010)
– Copenhagen (October 2010)
– Copenhagen (March 2010)

Host the Public Workshop
For details on hosting the public workshop for your clients and prospects, along with costs and timeframe, please contact Michael.