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Welcome to my blog. Here are the ten most popular posts that my readers have read during 2017; you may find something of interest here for you too. Equally, explore the Blog Topics for something more focused for you.

  1. Laptops in Checked-In Luggage

  2. Integrating Alfresco with Office Online in Office 365 – Options?

  3. Co-Authoring in Excel 2010: Not Supported (Use the Excel Web App Instead)
    – see the 2017 update on co-authoring in Excel

  4. Managing Meetings in SharePoint 2013

  5. Defining Collaboration: Collaboration as “Human Behaviour” (Sense 1)

  6. Wise Words from a Judge in New Zealand – for Young People and Adults

  7. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016

  8. Contribute vs. Collaborate – They Start from Different Premises

  9. Internal vs. External Trainers: Some Further Thoughts

  10. Digital Transformation at McDonalds – Drive Through Ordering

Last updated: November 2017