Explore, Examine, Embrace

Your work is to bring the right innovations with the right approach into your teams and organisation – in order to achieve impacts such as improving processes, serving customers better, increasing employee engagement, and generally just doing great stuff in the world.

My work is to facilitate you getting there.

The model in my head about the work you and I are jointly engaged in has a three-part flow:
ExploreWhat’s the opportunity?
ExamineWhat do we need to do to make this happen successfully?
EmbraceLet’s execute the plan and drive to success.

Here’s how we can collaborate the best:

1. Explore
You need to understand the opportunity available. The best resource I have to offer is one of my books. These are lucid and thoughtful explorations of a topic. I have packed them with insight, models, frameworks, examples, and approaches to give you a rapid boost in your explorations. Another resource is the Exploring Opportunities consulting service; that enables me to help you directly.

See also my blog posts, research reports, and keynotes.

2. Examine
This is where it gets interesting. If you were to apply the opportunity you have explored, what would that look like in your organisation? What’s involved in getting to success? New technology? New or revised processes? New cultural tenets and human behaviours? New expectations of executives and managers? All of the above? There are many angles to consider, discuss, talk through – and make plans for getting to success.

The two best resources I have to offer are a workshop for your firm and the Planning Success consulting service.

3. Embrace
This is where the impact happens. You need to drive transformation and make change a reality in your teams and organisation, using the plans already created. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I’m happy to help. The best resource I have to offer is the Achieving Impact consulting service.

Let’s talk.