Develop Organisational Readiness


Gaining success with new approaches to work relies on getting the organisation ready to embrace change.

Developing organisational readiness includes:
– Shaping executive support for what’s coming.
– Creating the governance structures to support and enable effectiveness.
– Developing supportive cultural tenets to align behaviour with possibility.

How We Help
Read my books on developing organisational readiness, such as:
Collaboration Roadmap: You’ve Got the Technology – Now What?
SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration (on SharePoint 2007)

Schedule a two-day workshop to promote joint learning and exploration among your staff.
Create the Context for Impact with Office 365.
Roadmap to Success with Collaboration Tools.

Engage me for a consulting project to Plan the Journey to Success.

For More Information
How do you get your organisation ready to embrace new approaches to work? Let’s plan the organisational journey.
Arrange a 30-minute no-obligation call with Michael.