Drive Effective Use to Achieve Impact


Achieving impact from the envisioned opportunity requires people who can work in new ways, aligned with the crafted strategy and based on the right professional and organisational competencies, capabilities, and constructs.

Driving effective use includes:
– Identifying the strategies that will work in your organisation to encourage adoption.
– Developing the artifacts and resources required to lead people to effective use.
– Executing on the selected strategies.

How We Help
Read my books on driving effective use to achieve impact:
Driving Effective Use of Office 365 (the workbook for the workshop).
User Adoption Strategies (2nd Edition).

Schedule a two-day workshop to promote joint learning and exploration among your staff:
Driving Effective Use of Microsoft Office 365.
User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools.

Engage me for a consulting project to Develop an Adoption Strategy.

For More Information
How do people need to work differently? Let’s develop an adoption strategy to get value and achieve business impact.
Arrange a 30-minute no-obligation call with Michael.