Public Sector

Michael’s work with organisations in the public sector, during 2012 and earlier. For more recent projects, see Recent Client Projects.

  • Government Agency (Europe, 2012) … Presentation of the user adoption workshop, to help guide planning and thinking in advance of deploying a new SharePoint-based collaboration environment.
  • Central Government Department (New Zealand, 2011) … External review of the Intranet, with recommendations on improvement. Also strategic input into various knowledge management and collaboration strategies.
  • Development Finance Organization (Washington DC, 2010) … Facilitation of capability development in the area of user adoption strategies for new collaboration tools and approaches.
  • Non-Government Organization (Italy, 2010) … Presented and facilitated a workshop on effective collaboration human practices, and effective decisions with the technology.
  • Government Finance Organization (London, 2010) … Strategy development for governing SharePoint.
  • Research Organization (New Zealand, 2005 and 2010) … Review and input into their collaboration strategy.
  • Research Organization (United States, 2008) … Input into collaboration and user adoption strategy.
  • Research Organization (New Zealand, 2008) … Research into the collaboration and work practices impact of introducing an advanced network into two research-focused organisations.