We’ve had a drought in the part of New Zealand I live in. There’s been little rain for months, and the ground has shown the lack thereof. But it started raining – thankfully – last week, which has been good for Canterbury, but has had a less ideal response up north. Some thoughts on rain …

Rain is.
Falling. Finally. Pelting the parched and dried out land.
Inviting a response. A softening, an opening up, a letting go of hardness.
The beginning of a new journey into growth. A precursor to a new flourishing.
A gift. Of all that is fresh and vital.
For dancing in. Umbrellas be closeted.
A signal for impending change.
The no-colour ingredient that colours everything anew.
A symbol of something different.
A test of resolve and discipline. Of that which is easy to claim in the warm optimism of the sun.
A question of price. Will you pay up in its drenching relentless?
Rain is. Necessary.

Categories: Miscellaneous

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