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TUMI Gets Acquired

When I started traveling a lot to speak at conferences, present workshops, and help organisations with their collaboration journey my luggage was … pretty basic. It worked, but it didn’t hold up well to my demanding life on the road. And some of the early new luggage and bag purchases I made didn’t do any better either – seams ripping (Victorinox), wheels falling off (Samsonite), shoulder straps coming undone on laptop bags (Mandarina Duck). As a luggage newbie I thought I was spending good money to get good luggage, but the promise was not always matched by the reality. After the shoulder strap came undone on my laptop bag while I was carrying it, I purchased my first TUMI laptop bag in Hong Kong on the way back to New Zealand after a European tour. Given the high price of TUMI, I’d always held off spending the money, even though I’d eyed them in many locations around the world. While that was my first TUMI, it wasn’t the last – and it did pretty much stop me buying any other luggage brands. Given the quality and workmanship of the TUMI products, I didn’t want anything else.

With respect to the wheel falling off, I had purchased a new Samsonite suitcase in Sweden in October 2010, and then on the very next trip a month later (November 2010), one of the wheels fell off the suitcase while I was walking to my second-to-last meeting in London before catching a flight back to New Zealand. I was not happy. I vowed never to use that suitcase again, and so purchased a new suitcase on the Strand (not the cheapest place on earth) to get me home. The broken Samsonite was repaired when I got back to New Zealand, but I have never used it again.

So it is with some trepidation that I see that my not favourite luggage brand is buying my favourite luggage brand. Samsonite, please don’t break TUMI.

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