Notes on “Integrating Yammer with SharePoint” (Elaine van Bergen and Chris O’Connor)

In the session before lunch, Elaine and Chris are talking about the integration between Yammer and SharePoint. It’s a Developers session rather than a business session though.

Some notes:
– integration between Office 365 and Yammer today, is an across the top link to Yammer. There is also a Yammer conversations pane available in Office 365 for Office Apps.
– today, search result sets out-of-the-box are not integration. Need to click a second time to search in Yammer. On the roadmap, these will be integrated.
– out-of-the-box can add “Yammer Feed” to a SharePoint site. Really good for adding to team and collaboration sites. Need to enable single sign-on.
– in SharePoint on-premise, can replace the SharePoint Newsfeed with the Yammer feed. Requires SharePoint 2013 SP1 to work.
– need to figure out single sign on, otherwise people won’t go to Yammer. To get single sign-on, you have to have a paid Yammer network (doesn’t work on the free Yammer service). Ideal experience is to do both directory sync and single sign-on before people start using Yammer. Directory sync is very good for adding and removing people automatically; such as when someone leaves your firm.
– Separate to the web part, you can embed Yammer into a page. Some limitations around this / it’s a basic approach. It’s an iFrame, and can’t be branded. Chris showed a variety of other ways of integrating Yammer and SharePoint, using the SDK and other approaches. Important to note that Yammer is continually updating the APIs – and older approaches are getting deprecated.

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