Jive Adds More Team Collaboration Capabilities to its Social Platform

Jive has offered a social collaboration platform for some years, and is one of the leading vendors. Two acquisitions this week have added strength to its social platform, but are more aligned with team collaboration:

Meetings.io, a next generation real-time communication platform, allows people to seamlessly and simply create video and chat connections instantly with anyone around the world via a web browser. With Meetings.io, connecting with people is as simple as clicking a link – making work interactions simple, productive, effective and personal.

Producteev is a leader in cloud-based social task management with customers around the world. Using Producteev, any team can collaborate on tasks and manage work across any platform in seconds – including the desktop, email, instant messenger and any mobile device. By bringing Producteev to the Jive platform, people will have a powerful new way to turn collaborative work streams into actions that can be assigned and tracked – transforming work plans into real actions for increased productivity, accountability and efficiency.

Read more: Jive Acquires Innovative Companies Meetings.io and Producteev

Michael’s Comments
1. Back in 2005 I wrote the Seven Pillars framework; it defined what teams needed from collaboration technology to be productive and effective. Real-time capabilities were the focus of Pillars 3 (Real-Time Joint Editing), 4 (Calendaring), and 5 (Social Engagement). Task management was the focus of Pillar 6 (Enterprise Task Management). See the original paper (free), or an updated / shortened version in Collaboration Roadmap (2011) (US$39 plus shipping). It’s gratifying to see Jive adding strength in these areas – it will help them compete against other offerings that already integrate broader capabilities.

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