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That's My Mum!

My Mother is awesome. Here’s a review of a recent seminar she gave in New Zealand, by someone who had not met her before:

Sitting in the back of the seminar room in Wellington, New Zealand, at the recent 2012 Australasian Religious Press Association conference, I was unsure of whether it was possible for my brain to take in any more. This was the one of the last seminars of the weekend and I had already been challenged, informed and inspired on many levels throughout the conference, aimed at Christian press and media personnel.

Standing before us was a very unassuming woman, who apparently was going to be presenting an elective on the art of devotional writing. I have no experience in devotional writing, nor have I had any desire to.

As I sat, I wondered how perhaps the people either side of me could be semi-entertaining if I needed it to keep myself awake. Somehow, as this woman began to speak I knew there was no other place I needed to be for the hour that followed.

Having grown up in a family with such a love for writing and speaking, it’s really no wonder that those activities make up a big part of my work now. Clearly my work is in a different field to that of my Mum (and Dad), but that doesn’t diminish the influence and impact they have had on my life’s work. Thanks Mum – and Dad – I’m very proud of you both.

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