VisualSP for Training on SharePoint Features

In my User Adoption Strategies book, I give a four stage model for thinking about how to approach adoption for second wave people; meaning those that don’t get turned on by features and among other things need much more help with “the why?” of SharePoint. In stage 2, Cultivating Basic Concepts, I talk about three potential strategies for helping people to understand the basic ideas in the new collaboration system that provide a different way of working. The three strategies are classroom training, web-based training, and pages on the intranet.

I have no affiliation with SharePoint Videos, but its VisualSP on-demand training video series looks like a great way of implementing part of your adoption strategy. In my mind, VisualSP does a quick and appropriate job of explaining what to do for your users, but you’ll still need to put appropriate effort into the other stages of the adoption challenge—winning attention, enlivening applicability, and making it real.

One thought on “VisualSP for Training on SharePoint Features

  1. Thanks for the thumbs up on VisualSP Michael. Our goals are the same here – make SharePoint work within organizations like it’s supposed to rather than it becoming just a file dump.

    We welcome folks to come explore VisualSP and additionally welcome any constructive feedback on it as well. We are Always looking to enhance it further as we grow it.

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