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Working in Collaborative Environments – August in Auckland

Conferenz is running a one-day workshop entitled Working in Collaborative Environments on August 15 in Auckland. I’ll be there for the day as the conference chairperson, and will be presenting a session in the afternoon.

All organisations desire synergy to enhance organisational performance. Collaborative tools are just one of the many avenues to be explored in achieving this goal.

Working in Collaborative Environments explores how you can make the most of collaborative technologies, whatever your business goals may be.

Join leading practitioners and consultants as they show you how to shape this piece of the puzzle and make it work for you.
• Learn best practice techniques for implementing and managing your strategy, as well as evaluating the performance of your collaboration solutions
• Discover how collaboration is likely to change with the rollout of UFB
• Gain insight into how social networking is changing the way people work together – both inside and outside of the organisation.

Looks like it will be a great day. Will you be there?

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