SharePoint 2010: From domainusername to User Full Name

One of my projects for March is to look much more deeply at the collaboration capabilities in SharePoint 2010. I have presented on this at a few conferences already, and wrote an article for Messaging News on SharePoint 2010, but I feel that something much greater is needed.

So I have been setting up my lab to make it work.

An early issue was seeing “domainusername” at the top right of the user screen – for example, “sharepointadelaide” instead of the user’s real name – Adelaide Craft. I found some guidance on the web about fixing this with SharePoint 2007, but as things have shifted around in SharePoint 2010, it wasn’t directly applicable.

Here’s what I did with SharePoint 2010:

1. Opened Central Administration on SharePoint 2010, logged in as the Administrator.

2. Clicked into “Application Management,” then “Manage Service Applications.”

3. Scrolled down to “User Profile Service Application,” and clicked to open that.

4. Clicked “Manage User Profiles” under the main People heading.

5. Searched for the account I was looking for – “adelaide” – and made the changes so her correct first name, last name, and full name were showing.

6. Saved – and now I’m hoping for the best. With SharePoint 2007 it took up to 30 minutes to become available; we’ll see with SharePoint 2010.

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