How to Be More Productive

A Nicholas Bate gem from last week – How to Be (1) More Productive:

The real top line answer is more on the philosophy and less on the mechanics. There is no shortage of systems for getting things done. But there is a danger: the more we focus on getting things done, the less time we have for thinking, prioritising and evaluating and the less we consider whether we are indeed getting the RIGHT things done. The more we automate and reduce to a system of mechanics our productivity approach the more we perhaps detach ourselves from what is actually vital. To spend more time thinking. To be more of a philosopher perhaps, allows the soul to remind us – quite naturally – of that which needs attention. Our health perhaps. A longer term vision for the organisation perhaps. And out of those reminders of which the mind is always aware so long as its consciousness hasn’t been knocked out of it through sheer draining busyness, tactical plans can be developed. More philosophy, less mechanics.

I don’t know how long it took Nicholas to write – but regardless, that’s a statement of profound beauty. I’ve printed it … and stuck it on my whiteboard. I’m going to read this often … and act on it.

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