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Heading Back to Europe (and maybe United States) in November – an Opportunity for You?

I’m heading back to Europe the week of November 15-19; the first two days are an in-house User Adoption Strategies workshop with a client in Oslo (Norway), and the last two days of the week will possibly be the same again with a different client in Washington DC.

If the Washington DC workshop does not go ahead, I have up to three days available to work with other clients. Three days if I stay in Europe. Two days if I still head to the United States.

Here are some options:
– an in-house User Adoption Strategies workshop.
– an in-house SharePoint Collaboration and Governance workshop.
– a two- or three-day consulting project around collaboration, governance, or user adoption.

This will be my last time in Europe (and the United States) for 2010. If my help would add value to your work, let’s do it now.

Interested? Please get in touch with me ASAP.

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