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John Seely Brown: Passion vs. Paycheck

In a recent BusinessWeek article, John Seely Brown discusses two technological developments that are enabling people to choose passion over a steady paycheck when faced with poor corporate job prospects: (1) cloud computing and (2) social networking and collaboration software.

The big question is whether this trend can evolve into a sustainable engine of economic growth. I believe two technological developments—cloud computing and social networking—have the potential to make that possible. Cloud computing instantly offers the most powerful technology resources to entrepreneurs wherever they are. Whether you’re talking about sophisticated data-crunching capacity or access to scientific devices such as electron microscopes, this technology can now be just a click away.

Social networks and collaboration software help connect entrepreneurs to many more potential partners than ever before. This helps them learn from the experience of others to make their own businesses smarter and more efficient. Until recently, social networks were deeply suspect in the workplace. Now people are beginning to discover that they have growing business potential, especially for smaller entrepreneurs. This is an unprecedented development, allowing entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded individuals around the world, harnessing the power of people to build their businesses.

Read John’s article at He has some pointers for governments too.

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