List Views in SharePoint 2010: The New (and Good) Stuff

The Microsoft SharePoint team have made some changes in the way people work with lists of documents, tasks, announcements, etc. (called “List Views”) in SharePoint 2010. There are two parts of a blog series about the changes at the SharePoint team blog:
– Part 1, Introduction to the new List View
– Part 2, Using the New SharePoint Lists
– (there are supposed to be 9 more coming, but they aren’t up yet)

A couple of things stood out to me:
– There has been an underlying technology change (from one standard to another), which changes what you can do with list views.
– A new capability is to “Display list data joined from different lists” (see Part 1 above). I think this means that some of my grumbles with SharePoint 2007 in roll-up and aggregation, say for tasks, will be resolved. See Chapter 3 in SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration for more about the grumbles. Apparently an upcoming blog post in the List View series will discuss this topic in more detail.
– The look-and-feel of the list view has changed. The breadcrumb navigation is bigger, and the Ribbon UI from Office 2007 is now is SharePoint 2010.

– The usability of the List View is greatly enhanced. Uploading a new document pops a dialog box, rather than re-painting the whole screen. You get hover-over highlighting of the current row (“ah, so that’s where I am”). And you can select multiple documents, and carry out appropriate actions for the selection.

I like what I’m seeing here. These are good improvements.

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