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I'm Back … Welcome 2010, and Happy New Year

Well hi there again … I’ve been out-of-the-loop for 3 weeks, enjoying Christmas and New Year holidays with my family. We celebrated Christmas Day with my in-laws, with 23 people attending (of course, we make up 11 of that number!). We went on 5 day trip down the country side of New Zealand to Dunedin; that took 8 hours of travel time to get there, and 10 hours to get back. With 9 kids in the family bus, it was quite some trip! Then last week we had 4 days at a local beach, camping in tents (we need 2x large family tents to fit everyone in), walking, and doing some boating. The little kids especially enjoyed themselves all-round; the older boys particularly enjoyed the boating with Katrina’s dad.

Thus … I’m rested, re-enthused, and ready to go. The first few months of this year will be super-busy, with 2 workshops in Australia next month, and then a 2 week trip to Europe at the beginning of March. Once you add in all the preparation and writing to be done for all that … well, it’s going to be busy. Day 1 back in the office was busy — I finished a report I started in December (more to come shortly on that).

In conclusion … it’s great to be back, just as it was great to be out and spending time and life with my family. To you I say “Happy New Year for 2010” … I hope it brings new challenges to help you grow and improve your game, new opportunities to serve and add value to others, along with quiet times to reflect on what you are learning.

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